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A Designs Audio and Pete’s Place Audio at Speakeasy Sound, Burbank. Sunday 4/22/12

On Sunday April 22, 2012 A-Designs Audio and Pete’s Place Audio will be holding a very special event at Speakeasy Sound in Burbank, CA along with world renowned producer and engineer Tony Shepperd.   Tony will be tracking a live group and taking you through the steps of creating a world class recording.
This is a great opportunity to learn studio techniques from a master and to hear the best of the A-Designs and Pete’s Place equipment lines in action including:

Ventura Mic Pre/3 Band EQ, DI  NEW
EM-EQ2 Dual Pultec Style Equalizer
HM2 Nail Compressor Limiter
HM2EQ Hammer 3 Band EQ 
REDDI All Tube Direct Box
BAC500 and Electrodyne 500 Series Modules
EM 500 Series Mic Pres 

The event will be split into 4 sections.  

Section 1.
Mic placement, microphones, and signal chain.

Section 2.
Electric Guitars/Bass:
Mic placement, DI, and signal chain.

Section 3.
Full group Tracking

Section 4.
Microphone selection and signal chain.
5:00pm until completed.

Due to very limited space and time, we ask that you complete this short form and we will promptly respond.  This event is “first come first served” so if you are interested please act fast. Attendees are welcome to stay for the full event, but please let us know which section or sections you are most interested in.   Thank you!

Speakeasy Sound is located at:
3404 West Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
Click Here for Directions

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  1. wish i could have made it.
    hope you all had fun!

    April 24, 2012

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