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Try your Hand at Mixing!

A-Designs Audio
sponsored a recording workshop with Producer/Engineer Tony Shepperd and artist Dom Liberati at Burbank’s Speakeasy Sound Studio back in April and we now have tracks available from that session for you to experiment with.  This session featured the Pacifica, Ventura and REDDI on the front end.

TRY YOUR HAND AT MIXING!  This is purely educational and for those who do not have a tracking studio and want to give your mixings skills a workout feel free to experiment with these files.   Right/Click on Windows or Control/Click on Mac to download files.  These .wav files are all synced so just drag them into your session and line them up at zero.

Tony Gtr_02   Pacifica

TOM LO_02  Pacifica

TOM HI_02  Pacifica

SN TOP_02  Pacifica

SN BOT_02  Pacifica

Scratch Vox_01  Pacifica

ROOM_02 R  Pacifica

ROOM_02 L  Pacifica

ROOM_02 C  Pacifica

OVER_02 R  Ventura

OVER_02 L  Ventura

KICK OUT_02  Pacifica

KICK IN_02  Pacifica

Jim Gtr_02  Pacifica

HAT_02  Pacifica

Gtr Solo_01  Pacifica

Gtr Build_01  Pacifica

BASS FX_02  REDDI into Pacifica

BASS DI_02   REDDI into Pacifica

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  1. Taylor Hudson #

    Sweet! It’s been awhile since I’ve had new tracks to play with. One thing, the Bass DI track has no bass in it, it sounds like one of the room mikes.

    July 10, 2012
  2. Thanks for putting up these tracks, they sound great and the song is pretty good too. Anyone interested can check out my mix here:

    August 1, 2012
    • Jared,

      I just NOW had a chance to hear your mix…………….VERY cool!!!!!

      Thank you,

      August 7, 2012
  3. Thanks Jared. Your mix sounds great!

    August 1, 2012
  4. rz #

    Thanks! Great tone, great tracks, darn well recorded! Had a blast mixing these.
    Loved those snares!!!

    Jared, Nice mix!!! 🙂

    Here’s my attempt

    Comments and Critics welcome!

    August 13, 2012
  5. mixing 2 #

    HI this a mix i did on my headphones

    September 22, 2012

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