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A-Designs 500 Series Modules and HR-500 Powered Rack

testThe A-Designs Audio 500 preamp modules take the guesswork out of matching the proper preamp to particular recording applications. Each module is crafted with custom-wound transformers to provide the most appropriate sound for the task at hand. In addition, the EM-Series EM-PEQ equalizer gives you Pultec-style EQ for tracking, mixing, or mastering.  The HR-500 powered rack is the perfect home for your new modules.

Four application-specific preamps

Pultec-style equalizer module

Custom-wound transformers provide a unique sound for each preamp

Perfect fit with API “lunchbox” and A-Designs 500HR power supply/frame


Mic Pre/EQ/D.I.

The VENTURA is an ultra-transparent preamplifier, three-band EQ that oozes mojo, and an instrument DI designed with bass and guitar pickups in mind. To provide the shortest possible signal path and utmost in flexibility, each section can also be used independently.

• Ultra transparent preamp with 72dB gain and virtually no DC offset across the audio spectrum

• Highly musical, three-band parametric EQ and high/low filters

• Mic, instrument, and EQ/insert inputs may be used together or independently

• Hand-built in the USA


All-Tube Direct Box

The secret of a great mix is getting the bass right—full and round, yet tight, punchy, and present. The trick is translating that into electronics. With the sound of the Ampeg B-15 as a benchmark, REDDI’s ultra-wide bandwidth, 6NI-P tube, and custom transformers do just that: get bass right.

• All-tube direct box with custom output transformer

• Ultra wide frequency range (20Hz-60kHz)

• Neutrik input connector, balanced XLR out, and 1/4″ thru jack

• Inspired by the Ampeg B-15


HM2 Nail
Tube Compressor/Limiter

The NAIL brings together the best of time-tested designs and modern thinking to give you an unprecedented level of control over compression and envelope—without ever sacrificing musicality. Along with unique features including Hard Threshold, Adjustable Sidechain Filter Filter, and Mix, just running signal through its tube gain circuitry makes everything sound better.

• Solid state/tube hybrid design combines high performance with rich sound

• Hard Threshold, Adjustable Sidechain Filter, and Mix controls offer unprecedented envelope shaping

• Switchable stereo/dual mono modes for 2-bus or tracking

• Awarded “Mix Certified Hit” by Mix magazine


Tube Equalizer

Winner of Pro Audio Review’s Par Excellence Award, the A-Designs Audio HM2EQ “Hammer” is a two-channel tube equalizer that can enhance a sound simply by running signal through it. The Hammer accomplishes this remarkable feat via an innovative system that passes the even-order harmonics of its 12AT7 tubes without unwanted noise.

• World-class, three-band, dual-mono tube/hybrid equalizer suitable for very high-end applications

• Beautiful-sounding broad EQ-shaping across several octaves with no adverse effect on tone

• Clean and airy high end

• Continuously variable boost/cut; easily repeatable fixed frequency settings; low- and high-cut filters, and bypass


Microphone Preamplifier/D.I.

Inspired by the fabled Quad Eight Pacifica console, whose legend is passed down from pro audio veteran to apprentice engineer, the two-channel, solid state A-Designs Audio Pacifica microphone preamp brings the “big iron” sound of the ’70s into the modern age—with boat-anchor build quality and dashing California good looks.

• 2-channel, solid state preamp with two front-panel Hi-Z inputs

• Captures the sound quality of the legendary Quad Eight Pacifica console with even more presence and high-end

• Custom-wound Cinemag input and output transformers

• Balanced XLR I/O, phase reverse, -20dB pads, +48V phantom power


Pultec-Style Equalizer

Revered for it’s uncanny ability to enhance the sound of anything simply passing through it, the Pultec EQP-1 has inspired several A-Designs Audio products, such as the HM-EQ2 Hammer EQ and HM2 Nail compressor—but none more so than the EM-EQ2, A-Designs’ modern take on the most coveted classic equalizer.

• EM-PEQ 500-series Pultec-style EQ in a 2-channel, 2U rackmountable version

• Three-band solid-state equalizer faithfully preserves the EQ design, controls and musicality of the Pultec EQP-1

• Fully balanced, noise-free performance and modern impedance specs

• The sonic magic of a Pultec at a fraction of the cost



If you’ve been searching for an all-tube preamp with a rich bottom end; sweet, airy top end; and enough tonal versatility to record all of your tracks without over-colorization at mixdown, you’ve found it: the A-Designs Audio MP-2A, a true tube-in/tube-out stereo preamp with unique tone switches and audiophile-quality sound.

• True tube in, tube out stereo/dual-mono mic preamp

• Tone switches give you four tone signatures per channel

• Audiophile quality and components at a price below comparable boutique preamps


Stereo Attenuator

Don’t you wish you could put an output gain control on the hot preamp that keeps overloading your converters—one that wouldn’t compromise sound quality—and not too expensive? You can; it’s called A-Design’s Audio ATTY. Not just for output control, use ATTY on powered monitors, extension cabinets, and more. High quality, 100% passive attenuator maintains perfect signal integrity

• Stereo attenuation with just one volume control, plus handy mute button

• Output level control for any line-level source

• Small enough to sit on your desktop.


Passive Line-Level Control 5.1

The A-Designs Audio ATTY’2D is a very high-quality, six-channel, 100% passive line-level controller that introduces no negative affect on sound quality whatsoever. Its dual-stereo plus dual-mono configurations allows it to perform myriad tasks from multi-preamp output gain control to 5.1 surround monitor control—all transparently and with easy studio integration.

• 100% passive, dual-stereo/dual-mono line-level controller

• Highest quality components and balanced I/O ensure ultra transparency and easy studio integration

• Single-knob control of two stereo channels and convenient master mute button

• Faceplate silk-screened to reflect 5.1 surround operation


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